2022/23- Brechin Victoria 1 v 2 Letham

Victoria Park, Midland League, 1/4/23

Me 269, Wee Man 141

Brechin Victoria Junior Football Club

Founded – 1917

Nickname – Vics

HonoursCurrie Cup – 1979/80. Tayside Regional Cup-1979/80. Forfar and District Junior League – 1924/25, 1925/26, 1926/27, 1927/28, 1929/30, 1934/35 and 1950/51. Arbroath & District Cup – 1961/62. Brechin Rosebowl– 1928/29, 1929/30, 1934/35, 1950/51, 1951/52 and 1961/62 and 1965/66. Forfar & District Cup– 1924/25 and 1936–37. Forfar Businessman’s Trophy – 1969–70

Random Fact – The club are the only side to win the Forfar and District Junior League in four seasons in a row

Just me and the Wee Man so a full day out for this dry but cold Saturday. A bit of history/culture and then the fitba after was the plan for the day and that’s exactly what we did without travelling too far to do it. I was hoping for other plans which didnt materialize. I remember heading to the House of Dun when I was a kid with my folks. However I cant remember anything about it. Back in those days I was only in it for the picnics, wee fattie. Speaking of picnics that’s how we started our day on arrival in Angus before having a gander at what the House had to offer. I enjoyed it. It’s a homage to the folk of the area and the cultures and life throughout the years. From textiles to grains, whisky to fruit it tells of how life was lived. I found it interesting. The highlight were the 5 jars. Basically there were five jars with smells inside representing stuff associated to the area. Tatties, beef(revolting that was), oats, fruit, whisky. I got two and Wee Man two. One of which was whisky. Which raises the question, how does he know what it smelled of. I dont drink whisky? ( I thought it smelled of wood). I reckon there was shenanigans involved and he looked first. An interesting fact I learned once I was home, the architect was a guy called William Adam who also designed a few local building to our house. Duff House, Robert Gordons College and one around 5 miles away, Haddo House. A walk up to the kirk followed and it was then off to fitba. A pleasant way to spend a wee while. One disappointment feom the visit though. There was a room with famous people of the area, JM Barrie, Robert Watson Watt, Patrick Bell but incredibly no mention of the man with a bronze statue in his home town not far away in Kirriemuir. The one and only Ronald Belford Scott, or better known as Bon Scott. Lead singer of AC/DC.

On the way to the fitba Wee Man was looking at the leagues so he could get his score prediction sorted. Interestingly he went through the league and noticed he had been to almost all the league with East Craigie, Carnoustie Panmure and Letham remaining outstanding for him. I on the other hand only now have todays visitors to visit before the league is completed. A trip to Perth may be needed soon.

On arrival it was clear Victoria Park was a quirky place. As you walk in there is a caravan, which turns out is the pie hut. Then you get in and you see the glorious little stand. Then the random seating up the hill behind the goal. Proper football ground seating up a hill which is actually out of the ground. Then there is the corner up a hill, the flats looking into the ground, the row of garages. It really is a gem of a place. It was a new one for both of us hosting two new teams for both of us too.

As we were early a kick about commenced during the warm up with Wee Man looking to work on catch the ball in the air. He is growing a determination to get better as a keeper. He is going to be the Dons keeper at some point. Mark my words on 1/4/23. Anyone needing a 2014’s keeper. As the game kicked off we got a pie and took our spot to see what a mid-table and bottom team could throw up. To be honest you would not known the Vics were bottom of the table in the first half. They were the better team in the opening period. The were winning the ball, picking up the second and loose balls. They took the the lead through Sam Wood who unleashed a thunderous low strike from 25 yards. A great hit which flew past the Letham keeper Bright into the bottom right corner. A deserved goal going by how the game was going. The Vics had a great chance when Naglik volleyed from 8 yards out but Allan in the Letham goal pulled of a stupendous save to tip it over. Top goalkeeping. Great stuff from the visiting keeper. Wee Man was getting a bit panicky throughout the half as his yellow ball was the same as the match balls and players were confusing his when the ball went out for a throw near us. As the half aged, Letham came into it and eventually had the chance to stick the ball in the net with a clear chance. This from the penalty spot after a stonewall infringement. The reactions of the Vics players said as much too. Paddy Deane stepped up and equalised with five to go in the half. His kick giving Morrison in the Vics goal no chance.

HT 1 v 1

More goal keeping practice came at half time on the grassy expanse that Wee Man was well chuffed with. This is what makes a club for junior and Victoria Park has more than enough to keep him impressed . The teams came out and got at it again. In the opening stages it was even but Letham stamped their authority on the game eventually. Although not huge amounts of action occurred in the the box there was a sense the visitors would grab something. There was an amusing moment when Brechin’s Wood went down easily under not much of a challenge. The Letham players were raging and I heard a shout which didn’t really make sense. “Oi I’ll give you something to fucking dive about”. It really was a verbal faux pas when you break it down. A heat of the moment shout I gather but amusing all the same. The Letham pressure paid off with ten to go. Interestingly I thought Smart had killed the move when he failed to run into the corner where the space was immense, however the overlap from his team mate(I didn’t note who it was) worked a treat as he fired in a perfect ball which beat numerous defenders and keeper leaving Sean Ferrie to run in and smash home from a couple of yards. A bloody brilliant goal. Not that the Letham physio who was making his way back to the dugout would know, “fuck I missed that” he exclaimed as he walked past us. The final ten minutes saw the tackles get harder, the niggle crept in and the pitch cut up into clumps. The game ended and I have to say I was chuffed with the choice of days shenanigans on the whole. But I was especially pleased with the choice of fitba venue. Even though a couple of Letham players were very vocal on the place being a “shithole” and to be fair one was throwing a nail off the pitch as he was moaning. But Victoria Park is a gem. Many cite Brechin City’s Glebe Park a one of Scotland’s best grounds. Well Victoria Park is also a gem. That is not open to debate. A great fitba day out and day out in general.

Entrance – Me £6, Wee Man Free

Attendance – 49

Pie – £6.30, 2 x pie, coffee, Kit-Kit, juice

Pint – N/A

Score Predictions – Me 0 v 2, Wee Man 0 v 3

Season Score Prediction Total – Me 1 v 2 Wee Man

When its just us, we do what we do best
Quite hidden is Victoria Park
A great wee ground
An awesome wee stand
The random seats
The sloped corner(the photo probably doesn’t do it justice)
A smaller Haddo House
The smelling jars. The beef was gads
Best Primary School there is

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