2022/23 – Banks o’ Dee Juniors 3 v 2 Rothie Rovers

Spain Park, NRJFA Championship, 04/4/23

Me still 269, Wee Man still 141

Banks o’ Dee Junior Football Club

Founded – 2022

Nicknames – The Dee

Honours – None

Random Fact – Spain Park is the most frequented ground of me and Wee Man’s travels to date

A colder than expected Spain Park it was tonight for us as we found ourselves at a loose end. The choice was there of BODJFC, Hermes, Stirling Albion and Broxburn Athletic. Wee Man sent us to West Tullos and I think i knew his reasoning. That reasoning being the tyre game. His favourite kick about. But much to his delight, the game had changed as there was now a 4th tyre adding a new dimension of a four pointer. As it turned out we got longer at it than we thought as the game was a 20.00 KO and not 19.45. Not that I noticed the later KO until the clock in the stand was past what should have been half time. A rare inattentive moment from me. On the first half, it was pretty dire viewing in all honesty. Very much lacking in action. Rothie had the better possession and were the better team but nothing was really created. The best chances fell to the Dee with Rothnie coming close with an effort over the bar from a tight angle. The biggest incidents of the half came in the dying minutes when firstly Dee defender Oschmanski was booked for challenge from behind on Ethan Grant. A deserved yellow card. Then just as the half was letting out its death rattle Murray Thompson struck a cracking effort from the left to beat Lloyd Sharp in the Dee goal. A very decent hit and something the game seriously needed.

HT 0 v 1

Half time saw me banging shots at Wee Man who like Saturday was again geared up with his gloves . I genuinely believe its only a matter of time before he joins a team. I hope this is the case. The break also saw a brief discussion with a bona-fide legend. This being Neil Simpson (I don’t think I have ever seen him in his civvies. Always Dons gear) . Neil commented on it being great that a kid of Jake’s age carts his ball to games. If only he knew how many miles the ball has travelled. Back to matters on the pitch and the second half was quickly better the what the first had to offer. With 8 minutes gone Rothie shot themselves in the foot with a defensive lapse which saw a short headed back pass which allowed Josh Robb to nip in and get floored. A stonewall penalty which was not complained about by the Rothie defence. Charlie Rothnie fresh off his debut for the full team at the weekend stepped up, Findlay guessed correct and got a touch but the power of the kick was enough to take it in. All square but not for long. Again the visitors will be kicking themselves at losing such a soft goal. One minute they are in the Dee box on the offensive and next thing they know they are picking the ball out of the net. A rapid change over of fortunes. As Rothie got the ball in the box the Dee managed to squeeze them away, steal possession and hit the wing, Connor Osprey fired the ball across the box and found Scott Milne sliding in to finish from a couple of yards. A very good counter attack but as much a poor goal to give away. Rothie were unlucky not to equalise not long after when Scott Chalmers rattled the post. Sharp was well beaten in the Dee goal. Banks o’ Dee then increased their lead and once again it came from the spot. I actually missed the infringement as I was listening to Wee Man reading out the scores from elsewhere. But I saw Charlie Rothnie grab the ball who this time sent Findlay the wrong way. With 20 minutes to go Rothie were up against it but to be fair they gave it a good go and did grab themselves a life line with a goal via Ethan Grant. The forward ran at Jason Selbie and got past then was faced with Robertson who seemed to miss man and ball with his challenge leaving Grant to finish from 12 yards. It was game on and Rothie went for it and piled substantial pressure on the young Dee side but nothing came from a flurry of corners and constant attacks in the last few minutes. A dent in the title aspirations of Rothie. It looks that way. With the top two now looking like staying the same come May, the race for the other promotion spots is hotting up with 5 sides trying to secure 3 spaces (Banks o’ Dee, Newmachar United, Forres Thistle, Buchanhaven Hearts and Rothie Rovers ). A game of two entirely different halves at Spain Park with the second making up for a dull first. It was better than sitting at home though. Banks o’ Dee’s twitter asked pre-game “Chelsea v Liverpool or Banks o’ Dee v Rothie Rovers”. Football is not a TV show and luckily I have a loon that realises this, much to my own delight.

Entrance – Me £6, Wee Man £3

Attendance – 143 (Rough Head Count)

Pie – £3, Pie and Coffee

Pint – N/A

Score Predictions – Me 2 v 2, Wee Man 1 v 2

Season Score Predictions Total – Me 1 v 2 Wee Man

When at a loose end……
The most visited ground by Wee man and me together
4 tyres now. much to Wee Man’s delight
Rothie scored to take the lead by the time I had managed to put my phone in my pocket after this photo
Rothie pushing as time was against them

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