2019/20-Amiens P v P Stade de Reims

Stade de la Licornes, Ligue 1, 4/12/19

Amiens Sport Club

Founded – 1901

Nickname – Les Licornes (the Unicorns)

Honours – None

Current Division – Ligue 1

Random Fact – The club won its first ever game 13-0 against San Quentin

After battling traffic in a taxi I finally made it to the Stade de la Licornes. The timeline of goings on were as follows. I got myself a beer- a scarf and shirt(proper smart) were purchased at the merch tent (inclusive of chat with the dude as he was intrigued about my Dons hat)-made my way up the stairs and took obligatory thumbs up photo-got to the terrace-announcement-bloody game off. A first for me. A game fogged off as you couldnt see the other end of the pitch. So bad you could not even work out the crazy greenhouse like architecture. Quire surreal. I was in the ground for ten minutes and only had two scoofs of my pint.

Bloody gutted

I did however try to make things better with a slap up meal on the way back to the hotel,inclusive of escargot, chocrute and a few Calvados. Fantastic grub but it didn’t kill the dissapointment

Such is life. Or c’est la vie as it was

Me 168(it counts)

Wasnt as smiley a couple of minutes later
Too many fans vaping

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