2019/20-Colwyn Bay 1 aet 0 Airbus UK

Llanelian Road, Welsh Cup, 6/12/19

Colwyn Bay Football Club


Nickname – The Seagulls

Honours – None

Current Division – Cymru North

Random Fact — The club played in the English League for many years and in the 1991–92 season, a dispute with the Football Association of Wales led to Colwyn Bay being ordered to join the newly-formed League of Wales or cease playing in Wales. As a result, the club started the new season playing at the Drill Field in Northwich, before moving to Ellesmere Port Stadium in Ellesmere Port. A court injunction allowed the club to return to playing home matches in Colwyn Bay in 1994 before the case was won in the High Court of Justice in April 1995.

A totally out there Friday, but this all consuming fitba fandom that i have taken on throws up some random stuff from time to time. To add to this my cousin roped himself in for the seven hour drive. I’m not entirely sure he realised the journey included Hill of Beath in Fife on the way back up the road on Saturday but that was the plan

After a rain soaked almost five hundred mile drive. (the Proclaimers wouldn’t have walked in that) we arrived in North Wales. A dump of the bags, a quick chipper and couple of pints later we were in the social club at Llanelian Road. Which we found was a fair old trek from the town centre, which had pretty much led to my cousin finishing the quest on his hands an knees. If only we took the lift offered by a random(who actually was a committee member). He did say, “its a bit of a walk guys”. Christmas raffles were bought off him on arrival at the bar. In future lifts to be accepted from strangers in North Wales.

Who knew Welsh fitba allowed you to drink in the terrace. Nice one and we took full advantage. That was really the only perk of the game. It was dull with no goalmouth action to speak of. Not one save made in the ninety mins despite Airbus having a keeper who didnt resemble a keeper and didnt take his own goal kicks which in itself suggests he was a stand in. There was nothing to this game. No niggle or anything. There wasn’t really a better team and it just plodded along for ninety minutes. To extra time it went and Colwyn Bay won it with a quality long ranged effort. That was the only highlight of the night. (well the pints in the terrace were an added bonus ). It was a goal to win any game in all honesty and we were more than thankful a piece of magic did finally occur. Toward the end of the match we did get talking to Derek a lifelong Bay fan toward the end of the game. A really nice old dude who was happy the Seagulls had returned to the Welsh league as he got more away games. It was good to hear his stories and opinions of Welsh fitba because we were as good as blind to the game down there. The final whistle sounded, Colwyn Bay found themselves in the draw for the next round and we were off to pump money into the local economy.

A good night had in the company of my cousin Kieren. Fitba wasnt great but these are the breaks. The night was topped of by a nice piece of local hospitality lift to the pub from a local. Saving Kieren from a potential coronary. (as I said earlier, lifts to be accepted in North Wales at all time from now on)A couple of beers and a kebab later it was an early night due to the drive to Fife on Saturday

I am pretty sure I will head back down the road at some point and catch them on the road somewhere. Flint Town or Llandudno or somewhere

Me 169,Kieren not sure

A random Friday
Pints at the fitba

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