2022/23 – Skovlund IF 3 v 2 Bække SF

Henning Have Stadion (Neutral Venue), Series 3 v Series 4 playoff, 10/11/22

Me 259

Vejen Sports Forening

Founded -1890

Nickname – VSF

Honours – Unknown

Random Fact – Vejen translated into English means road. Strange name for a town.

A completely random and last minute find. But a game is a game especially when doable after work. By doable this included a run to Esbjerg train station from the office, and an even faster run from Vejen station to the ground being needed, this shaking up my pre bought Carlsbergs for the match. Making it right on time for kick off I was back chasing DBU Jutland lower league bliss again. The first of two in consecutive nights and what a choice. This was fucking brilliant. Nothing could dampen it. Not even getting my favourite Sambas clarted in dubs or the rain that appeared towards the end of the game.

23 minutes on the train from Esbjerg I headed armed with four Carlsbergs and I cannot big up how great a decision it was. To start the ground is a beauty. The stand is like nothing I have seen before. Very modern which is not my style usually but a great piece of architecture none the less for this showpiece element of what looked to be another brilliant sports centre that the Danes seem to have a knack of getting right. It was definitely fitting for such a quality game to be played out in. The match was how a playoff should be played. It was end to end, it had a bit of niggle and it was just a great way to spend a Thursday night as a punter.

The game wasn’t littered with big chances but it flowed from one end of the pitch to the other under a constant gentle rain of falling orange and brown leaves. Both sides had dipping long range efforts that went just over the bar before any keeper was tested, The first time a keeper was challenged to make a save was when the Bække custodian got down to block an effort from Uhd but could only send it in the direction of the onrushing Tobias Sadova who lashed the ball into the roof of the net from 6 yards. This got Skovlund tails up and they took the game to their opponents but to be fair to Bække the stood up and defended well. Against the run of play the equaliser came when a great ball in from the right from Max Hedeager made its way to the back post for Michael Schmidt to blast into the top corner from close range. This creating a huge cheer from the stand which showed that most of the almost hundred in attendance were there to see the men in blue and white.

HT 1 v 1

At half time the Carlsbergs had taken an effect on my bladder meaning I had to go and do the needful. On my way there I found the rogue match ball that had cleared the stand. A keep sake of my trip? The angel on my right shoulder won against the devil on my left meaning I dropped it in the dugout like a good Samaritan. Also at half time I noticed the ground had pictures of local side Vejen SF on the walls. It turns out this place is used by the side in conjunction with their own Vejen Stadion down town.

The second half did not take long to warm up and it was Skovlund who took the lead through Kristian Uhd who lost his marker and tapped home a Morten Thomsen low cross after a minute. The game continued in the end to end fashion of the first half. There were some half chances, the niggle was still there and there were some off the ball confrontations and little shoulder barges and such like across the field. At the is point Wee Man phoned me so he got to watch part of the game via video call and at the very minute he hung up it was even Stevens again when Max Headgear whipped in a freekick across the face which the Skovlund number 11 could only strike into his own net. Wrong goal but a decent finish none the less. The Bække players were clearly fired up by this as the game restarted, but Skovlund’s Uhd had other ideas and went straight up the park to restore the lead for the tenth tier team with a deadly low drive. If only Jake had stayed on the call for another minute or so. What a game this was turning out to be though. Bække went for it for the final 18 minutes but Skovlund defended well. With five minutes to go the Skovlund keeper Marcussen went down injured after collecting the ball in the air. To be honest I thought it was just play acting but it turned out he was genuinely injured and went off struggling to walk due to his knee(plastic pitch induced?), this leaving an outfielder to take his place. Bække were smelling blood and chucked everything at Skovlund. So much so they threw their keeper outfied never to return to his goal for the final 4-5 minutes. A strange sight. He was on throw-ins and putting himself about. But despite the onslaught, Skovlund held on to keep their place in Series 3 for another year. My tenth game in Denmark and by far the best. Cementing the fact that I love lower league fitba.

The night was not over though. With just over an hour until my train back to Esbjerg I visited the Alfa Bryghus across from the station. The place that filled the town air with the beautiful aroma of hops from its adjoined brewery. After a couple of lovely efforts from the brewery to see out the final day of my 38th year I hopped on the train already looking forward to Friday’s lower league events at the Esbjerg fB clubhouse.

Entrance – Free

Attendance – 94

Pie – N/A

Pint – Pre-bought Carlsbergs

A quality venue
One of a few
Modern but cool
The centrepiece of the Vejen Idraetscentre
1 v 0 Skovlund
It rained leaves all game
Last minute, but a great idea
Should I or should I not
Keepers up
A great place to end the night

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