2019/20-Sunderland 5 v 0 Tranmere Rovers

Stadium of Light, League 1, 22/10/19

Sunderland Association Football Club

(as Sunderland and District Teachers)

Nickname – The Black Cats

HonoursFirst Division/Premier League – 1891/92, 1892/93, 1894/95,1901/02, 1912/13, 1935/36. FA Cup– 1936/37, 1972/73

Current Division– English League 1

Random Fact – Legendary Aberdeen manager Dave Halliday is Sunderlands third top scorer ever and scored thirty more than Black Cats legend and arguably greatest player ever Kevin Phillips.

As previously mentioned, we should be in France just now. Since we werent and Wee Man still wanted fitba and hotels i was willing to take on anything. Inclusive of turmoil ridden Sunderland.

As it turned out it took my goals total for the season scooshing up, it took us to a tidy ground, it took Wee Man to his biggest ground to date and it also took us to Lindesfarne during the day. A fantastic place well worth a visit. If you like booze you will love the winery shop. Im a few quid down

I have known numerous people who supported Sunderland in the past. Season tickets the lot. With in the past being the key words though. In other words now they are not in the big boy league these folk are not interested anymore. But to be honest they are not the only ones,though as the place was half empty tonight. I find this a shame as The Stadium of Light is a cracking ground. But unfortunatley for the stadium, the team or fan base doesnt do it justice. The Black Cats have struggled big time in recent years. They have continued that this season. The fans were sporadic throught the stands, meaning there are large gaps all over. There is very little atmosphere even when up 1-0 early doors. Or 3-0 at half time. The apathy has clearly set in which is a shame as these terraces used to be booming in a past life. If im honest the fans have every right to be raging. Here they are lining up against Tranmere Rovers. That is not a statement to take the piss out of the Birkenhead side or to patronise Half Man Half Biscuit, Referee Mike Dean or throw in extraordinaire Davie Challinor. (I actually intend on taking on Prenton Park this season) What i mean is, three years ago Sunderland were in the Premiership, and Tranmere were in the Conference now they have met half way. The fans are far from happy and it shows.

Pre-game we found ourselves staying in the same hotel as Tranmere Rovers and having a passing blether with manager Mickey Mellon. When we were having something to eat in the bar the Rovers squad passed us to board their bus and i thought they looked very very young. This turned out to be the case. The inexperience showed during the game. And quite frankly Sunderland blitzed them. But despite the game finishing so red and white heavy it doesnt mean that Tranmere cant be commended for trying to play good football on the deck throughout. Given their rise to League one they are bound to get a do in along the road. This was probablly it. Watmore, Grigg, Gooch, O’Nien and goal of the game from ex Don Chris Maguire meant the points deservedly stayed on the Wear. Very one sided but we are still glad we headed down. A fantastic day oot culminating in one of the best stadiums in the UK. St Cuthberts tommorow in front of fifty or so people will take us back to normality and back to home soil. Just the way i have grown to like it

Me 163, Wee Man 37

Bad photo of Wee Man. He was hyper all night
Wee Man made one new pal
Then swiftly made another
I wonder if Half Man Half Biscuit were in amongst them. But the bottom tier is a sign of how the home teams fortunes have sunk in recent times

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