2019/20-Hurlford United 1-0 Pollok

West Region Premiership, Blair Park, 19/10/19

Hurlford United Football Club

Founded – 1912

Nickname – The Ford

HonoursScottish Junior Cup – 2013/14. West Region Superleague – 2012/13. West of Scotland Cup – 2017/18

Current Division – West Region Premiership

Random Fact – In the same season that the Ford won the Scottish Junior Cup their local Amateur neighbours Hurlford AFC also won the Scottish Amateur Cup. Quite an achievement for a town with a population of below five thousand

To start, we found ourselves in Ayrshire. This was infact plan B. We should have been in Auvergne-RhĂ´ne-Alpes. Lyon to be precise but due to the French and their work shy attitudes, people who we needed decided to strike, leaving it impossible to for us to get to Lyon. So Lyon v Dijon had the kybosh put on it. Cheers ye dicks. There was one very disgruntled five year old this morning. His old boy wasnt much better to be honest

Hurlford it was then. Chosen as they were still to be ticked off in my “teams to win the Scottish Junior Cup in my life” quest. A fine day for it to, considering the weather and flooding in my own corner of the country. I also chose this as i saw Pollok at Newlandsfield last season and i thought they were the best Junior team i had seen in all my days.

Blair Park has a pungent stink of pish when you walk in the gate,with water which may not be water streamimg from the toilet block. Lovely welcoming site that. Another thing thats clearly evident when you walk in, is the angle of the pitch. Not in a Beith style of end to end. Its across the from the enclosure wing side to the opposite church side wing. I love quirks like this in the lower ends of Scottish fitba. Due to Wee Man being in tow a couple of locals got speaking. Both in similar fashion,starting with “top of the league eh?” thinking we were part of the impressive Pollok numbers (easily two hundred there). But these guys turned out to be clones. I got blethering about Hurlford with them and they both wanted a managerial change as it was “a bit stale”. They were both also ex season ticket holders at Ibrox, but despite this they were fine enough dudes and both told us the random fact above. Very similar in all ways these two. They were also both chuffed to see Wee Man and his yellow ball(possibly the youngest kid there) coming to watch their team.

The game was scrappy to say the least. Ive definitely seen better games in my time. It was stop start due to a multitude of fouls meaning the game struggled to flow. There was very little goal mouth action and it was basically not good on the eye. What there was was a cracking headed goal from the Fords Paul McKenzie. This coming after a well worked moved culminating in a well placed head off a sublime pin point cross. Pollok had the better of the possesion for most of the game. They created two chances that were cleared off the line. The first of which was actually great goalkeeping as when he was rounded he had a last gasp stretch an knocked the ball slightly buying enough time for the defender to get back and also at the same time putting the Lok man off his stride a bit. A cracking piece of play which was a huge moment as Hurlford have had a habit of letting their arse fall out when conceeding this season. That touch was as important as McKenzies winning header(which came after). To be honest Pollok were very dissapointing. Top of the league but you wouldnt have known it. Going by what i heard from the nearby Lok fans they felt the same too. Pollok also had a goal chopped off in the ninetieth minute. I missed it as Wee Man was away for his pre car stoor(long way back to Meldrum). The Pollok fans had their views on it, which you could imagine were full of expletives and very black and white leaning. So i can only take that with a pinch of salt

Good day out which took Wee Mans mind off the dissapointment from earlier. So it was mission accomplished in that respect. But it was no substitute for supping burgundy, eating escargot and fancy chocolate and visiting one of the newest category four stadiums in Europe………. But it was me and Wee Man. Thats all that matters. Hurlford, Lyon or Huntly. I dont really care where it is. As long as its us

For the record, Lyon drew 0-0 with Dijon continuing their dismal start to the season. Maybe the fitba gods were looking down on us and our holiday was supposed to move

Me 160 and Wee Man 36

The Yellow Ball. Still going strong
A dog in a Pollok shirt
Wee Man taking in Blair Park

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