2022/23 – Ellon Thistle 3 v 3 University

7 v 6 University on penalties

Rothienorman Park, Dickie Trophy Final, 20/5/23

I never planned on on writing this game up as I had too much interest in it. My bloody ma was there which shows how important it was.

But, fair play to University and congratulations to them.

To add, I fucking hate penalties.

However I love that club and genuinely care more about them than Aberdeen nowadays.Obviously there is a huge factor in that(he made me)

12 months ago they were on the brink of folding now they are promoted(leagues not over either), a cup in the bag and a new found purpose after sleepwalking into almost oblivion. But they have fought back admirably and well done to all involved.

Tonight didn’t go to plan but, ‘mon the Jags. A fucking ace fitba club full of great humans.

Tichie, Les and Dad. Legends forever, you saved an Aberdeenshire AFA institution

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