2022/23 – Cowie Thistle 3 v 2 Tarves

Mineralwell Park, Scottish Amateur Cup 5th Round, 7/1/23

Me 263, Wee Man 135

Cowie Thistle Amateur Football Club

Founded – 1985

Nickname – Thistle

HonoursAAFA Division One East – 2001/02 and 2016/17. AAFA Division 5 – 1989/90. Aberdeen FC Trophy – 2000/01 and 2017/18. AAFA Association Trophy – 1999/00 and 2008/09. Edmond Trophy – 2008/09, 2009/10 and 2013/14. Frank Waugh Shield – 2021/22. Patterson Cup – 1990/91

Random Fact – I have now completed the grounds of Stonehaven after today

In all honesty there was to be no football this weekend due to some fucking awful stuff going on (2023 can get to fuck already in all truth). But there is only so much Mario Golf you can play before needing to get out of the house. This meaning a second trip to see Cowie Thistle in a week happened. This time at their actual home and not the plastic thing next to it.

We left Oldmeldrum in almost darkness with half an hour to fire down the AWPR to make kick off, where we were greeted with blinding sunshine and going by recent standards and what seemed a balmy heat. As we were so last minute we couldn’t get parked in the car park and had to abandon the motor up the road meaning the game kicked off as we were making our way there. First thing of note was the crowd, it was great to see. 116 I counted which is better than most junior teams up here and easily the biggest in the AAFA I have seen without being a final. Luckily for this hundred plus, we were in for a treat. But also to be noted was the colours on show. A superb amount of Cowie touries and Tarves matching scarves and hats on the go . Great to see at this level in our northern corner

After a quick blether with a couple of Tarves fowk I know(I live 4 1/2 miles from Tarves) i was writing down the first goal of the match. A goal that dropped the heads of the Tarves touchline given how it came about. In simple terms. A corner and a free header for David Salmond who lept well and nodded home with ease. This seemed to be a recurring theme as Cowie were clearly dangerous in the air and Tarves couldn’t get near them if the ball was airborne. Despite the quick fire start to the half it really was lacking in action and in all honesty, quality. The home side tried to play football on the deck, Tarves seemed far too one dimensional and resorted to the punt. The highlight of the half for me was when a Cowie man was elbowed in the chops on the Tarves fans touchline (accidentally I may add). This led to a “fucking hell referee” shout. This leading to the adjacent Tarves punters to lambast him with the likes of “ya prima donna bastard” “ye fucking fanny” “it’s a fucking mans game” then immediately within ten seconds a Tarves boy does a Neymar 20 roll effort on the halfway line in a nothing challenge screaming and greeting then gets to his feet straight away as he didn’t get the foul. Brilliant comedy timing leaving the Tarves travelling fans silent. But actual game action upped when Tarves grabbed an equaliser despite it being a gift. But they all count. A long ball was not dealt with by defender or keeper leaving Tarves striker Davidson to sneak in and deftly lob the lost Miller in the Cowie goal. The scrappiness continued and saw the half out taking the AAFA Premier rivals into the break even.

HT 1 v 1

The second half was more action packed, even though the quality was not great. But I will say, as I always do. Quality and multi million pound egos does not always make entertainment and to this was a prime example of it. A real cup tie but very much a scrappy affair. There was a lot of action in the second half and early doors Cowie should have had a second when Salmond was unmarked on the penalty spot but got his header all wrong as he did not get a good connection and skiffed the ball. A big chance. But Cowie did get a second soon after when a through ball found Shaun McDonald who while bearing down on goal delayed, delayed and delayed again before placing a tidy finish past McLeod into his right corner. A very composed finish. Tarves seemed to have very little ideas in their armour and the Cowie second goal was the difference between the two teams styles. Cowie were playing football on the deck and Tarves were kicking and chasing. Then all of a sudden Tarves had a great passage of play, not really, again with a high through ball over the top number 11 Walker who on the edge of the 18 yard box let fly with a howitzer which flew into Miller’s top right. Game on. From here both teams seemed to up their will to win the match and the tie tipped in the favor of Tarves. This when Cowie Thistle went down to ten men after Thomas Johnston was red carded for lets say, a ridiculously late tackle. It was as late and extremely reckless and the referee’s decision was correct. However in the aftermath during the inevitable handbags, Tarves man Massie seemed to punch Johnston*.(I may be wrong but from where we were it looked awfully like it). After the referee put his red away he took his yellow out for Massie for his involvement. What for though? Answers on a postcard. I think the Tarves man was lucky. The game had swung in the favour of Wee Man and I’s most local team, but the didn’t take advantage or change their set up to take advantage. They had 25 minutes with the man advantage but didn’t make a fist of it if truth be told. There was no foramtion change or tactical change to put pressure on the depleted Cowie side. As there were discussions of “is this played to a finish?”, “is it straight to pens?”, “surely the Scottish is a replay” on the side line, the ten men struck. Some great work on the right from Oldroyd(or so i though but have since been corrected. I was doing Cameron Moultrie a disservice).This led to McDonald with as good as a tap in, unchallenged from close range sending a huge roar into the Stonehaven air. Tarves sent everything forward to grab an equaliser but it was to no avail and and as the chill in the air set in, Cowie Thistle made it though to the last 16 of the Scottish. Something of a rarity for a club from this neck of the woods.

A great cup tie, lacking in quality but as far as entertainment goes it was a cracker. We were not supposed to be at any fitba this weekend. Fitba doesnt change life but is a great getaway sometimes. Sometimes you need it.

*I would have done exactly the same so hats off to Massie.

Entrance – Free

Attendance – 116

Pie – £6.20, Pie, Coffee, 2 x Juice, Crisps, Chocolate

Pint – Too last minute

Score Predictions – Me 3 v 1, Wee Man 2 v 1

Season Score Predictions Total – Me 1 v 1 Wee Man

Watching Cowie for the second time in a week, however at their real home this time
Decent numbers watching in Stonehaven
Wee Man taking in a Tarves chance(it looks like he is away to swing in a freekick)

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