2022/23 – Dyce 1 v 2 Hermes

Ian Mair Park, NRJFA Premier League, 21/10/22

Me still 253

Dyce Football Club

Founded – 1989

Nickname – The Blue and White Hoops

Honours NRJFA Division One – 2005/06. North Regional Cup – 2007/08 and 2008/09. Grill League Cup – 2008/09, 2015/16 and 2017/18. Morrison Trophy – 2001/02

Random Fact – The club use black and white as their away colours as a nod to Mugiemoss FC who were part of the two team merger that created the club in 1989. The other club was Rosslyn Sport FC

After A View From The Terrace visited Ellon Thistle a couple of weeks back, I went through a nostalgic look back at my time at the club. They were easily the best club I played for, on and off the pitch. Life revolved a lot around the boys involved in a sporting sense but also socially too(Wee kept the Bridge Bar in Ellon in business). During the day of filming there were conversations about old times with players, ex players, my old man who is secretary of the club and the man of the moment Tichie Birnie himself. There were also the usual “we need to get a pint” type lines too. Usually these never materialise. However I decided to strike when the iron is hot. I noticed this game under the Ian Mair Park lights and being one who is always the fan of a floodlight Friday I sounded the jungle drums to past and present Ellon Thistle men. On further investigation I found out there was no sponsor for the game and we could be the sponsors with the full works of a two course meal and free bar between 17.45 and 22.30. A prawn sandwich filled Ellon Thistle Old Boys night out it was to be. This and a few beers with my Dad who had been subbed in for Wee Man who is off on his jollies.

On the hosts, they could not have been more brilliant to us. Friendly and plied us with drink, a bit much in my case. They seem to be a great club. The board room is cracking too filled with a lot of of bits and bobs from the club’s history. There is also a heap of pennants they have collected over the years which line the main corridor of the club house. I do admire big pennant collections.

The game was historic for the club as it was the first League game to be played under floodlights. Is this a sign that Dyce have plans further than their current NRJFA Premier League berth? Yes it is, this I found out after some conversations with committee members who explained where they want to go. Good luck to them in getting their licence.

I am not going to pretend that the details of this game are not totally hazy and I also wont pretend that the fresh air after the food an booze didn’t knock me for six. Going into the game Hermes were top of the league. Dyce could over take them with a win. Hermes ran out 2 v 1 winners in this close game on a slick pitch. Hermes took the lead through Esselmont on quarter of an hour. Dyce equalised 15 minutes later via Keir. Hermes won the game with a second half penalty when Youngson made no mistake. That’s a bout all i can tell you. I got a lift home and woke up on Saturday rough as fuck. Not often I get a blow out these days and that will probably be my yearly one. Being drunk is not something I enjoy these days. Hence why it never happens.

A well overdue night out with some of the best folk I have had the honour of being involved in fitba with.

Entrance – Part of the corporate package

Attendance – Didn’t count

Pie – Didn’t have

Pint – Part of the corporate package

No Wee Man but he subbed out for old man
Some great folk
I love a pennant collection
Nice mats
The board room was decked out with old bits n bobs
The park was a bit kind

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