2022/23 – Banks o’ Dee 1 v 1 Fraserburgh

Spain Park, Highland Football League, 14/10/22

Me still 251 and Wee Man still 125

Banks o’ Dee Football Club

Founded – 1902

Nicknames – The Dee, The Rechabites

Selected HonoursScottish Junior Cup-1957, Aberdeenshire Cup 2021/22, Aberdeenshire Shield– 2021/22. North Region Superleague – 2007/08, 2008/09, 2015/16, 2015/16, 2017/18, 2018/19 and 2021/22. Grill League Cup – 2013/14, 2016/17, 2018/19 and 2021/22. North Regional Cup – 1969/70, 1970/71, 1973/74, 1976/77, 1978/79, 1980/81, 1981/82, 1983/84, 1984/85, 2010/11, 2017/18 and 2018/19. McLeman Cup – 1924/25, 1937/38, 1938/39, 1950/51, 1955/56, 1958/59, 1960/61, 1967/68, 1969/70, 1978/79, 1981/82, 1986/87, 1990/91, 2015/16, 2016/17, 2018/19 and 2021/22

Random Fact – Spain Park was the first 3G pitch installed anywhere in the city of Aberdeen

Friday night Highland League fitba. Bloody right we will be there. A big game too with both teams locked on the same points and in the mix at the right end of the league. It also comes as a bonus as there will be no fitba on Saturday as there are other irons in the fire for both of us but in different places.

When I mentioned to Wee Man about going to Banks o’ Dee, his retort was “ace we can play the tyre game”, something that has become a habit on a visit to Spain Park. Continuing on the theme of Spain Park and habits, it is now Wee Man’s most visited ground on five now. It was joint with Harlaw Park, Inverurie prior to tonight. But also, Banks o’ Dee are also his now most watched team. But this will last until Wednesday when we head to Pittodrie. Aye a rare Pittodrie visit is incoming after three and a half years and it was his idea. Anyway the club are a huge part of our escapades these days. We will have to get scarves.

I had big hopes for this game given the quality in both sides but in all honesty the less quality moments are the talking points. This is by no means me saying it was a bad game. It was fast paced, it was good football but there were some one dimensional tactics and some poor finishing throughout.

After meeting half of the people I follow on Twitter and of course the tyre game we parked our butts on the wall behind the goal armed with an oldschool sweetie fare of Granny Sookers and Gummy Beers. It was actually a good vantage point and will probably be where we will sit from now on when we rock up in Tullos . The reason for choosing here was due to the lack of gaps on the pitch perimeter wall for Wee Man to sit due to the brilliantly healthy crowd. Friday night Highland League fitba is a great idea, this crowd was excellent but this was very much aided by the fact the visitors were the Broch, a very well supported club.

As already stated there were plenty of chances in the game and the first flurry came for The Dee in early minutes. First up was Lachie MacLeod who saw an effort go inches over the bar. Jack Henderson then had a half chance when he saw Barbour off his line but the Dee man’s lob did not have the power to get over the keeper. Third time was the charm for the home side and on ten minutes Lewis Crosby put them in the lead. After some good build up play saw the ball moved across the box with ease finally landing at Crosbie who took a touch to make space for the shot and slotted the ball home. A great start for Banks o’ Dee. The next chance fell to the Broch but Barbour couldn’t finish. Kane Winton missed a glorious chance for the Dee and this was then followed up by Neil Gauld sending a header over the bar which really should have hit the target. A couple of things I had to take from the proceedings so far, Banks o’ Dee seemed to be first to the ball all the time and really wanted this game. Also to note and in all honesty, after seeing the Broch many times last season during their brilliant league winning campaign I was a little dissapointed with their constant balls in the corner which were almost saying “oi Fig deal with that”. There seemed to be a heavy reliance on him to do a job that he really shouldn’t be doing. It rarely worked. The Broch going forward last season were devastating at times. Not here though. It was that man Fig Barbour who had the last real chance of the half when he was bearing down on goal but he dragged his effort uncharacteristically wide.

HT 1 v 0

Half time once again saw us again head to the tyres . This time we were joined by numerous wee Broch fans who wanted to try their luck. The more the merrier and all the little dudes seemed to enjoy it and Wee Man was chuffed to have competition from other nippers. I had to laugh at the disgust on the faces mini Brocher faces when I was asked who I wanted to win and answered ” the Dee of course”. You would have thought I had nicked their sweeties.

The second half started with a bang but unfortunately for the Broch it was an offside bang after a rebound from a freekick from the edge of the box was tapped in however the flag was raised immediately and from where we were(walking back from the pisser) it was clearly off. Not long after it looked as if the Dee would double their lead when Gilmour only had Barbour to beat but his effort across goal went agonisingly past the post. The game carried on in the same full throttle fashion as the opening half, the ball was largely played on the deck. The next big chance was at the feet of Gilmour (apologies in advance if that’s wrong as I am going on Wee Man’s word when I asked him who it was) and it is a contender for miss of the season. After a great save from Barbour the Dee man had an open goal to hit at but incredibly put it over the bar. Given the time in the game this would have been a killer blow for the Broch. Were the Dee to rue these misses. Yes is the answer. Late on Broch were awarded a corner after a decent save from home keeper Shearer. Barbour swung it in, and Hay rose to head it past Shearer and the rest of the Dee players despite an effort to clear it off the line. This with a minute left on the clock. A game that should have been out of site was now even. That’s fitba for you. The greatest sport there is. Not that Banks o’ Dee will be thinking that tonight, they will surely be kicking themselves. This has to go down as two points dropped for the Aberdeen side. Fair play to the Fraserburgh boys for fighting until the end. There have been better Highland League games before and there will be plenty more but on the whole, an enjoyable night. Fitba wise, people wise and just Highland League on a Friday wise. More please.

Entry – Me £10.50, Wee Man £5.50

Attendance – 350 rough head count

Pie – £8.00, Pie x 2 and coffee

Pint – N/A

Score Prediction – Me 2 v 1, Wee Man 2 v 1

Season Score Prediction Total – Me 1 v 1 Wee Man

Wee Man’s most visited ground and most seen team
The tyre game
Caged in like animals
Our sweets for the night

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