2022/23 – Hermes 0 v 2 Formartine United

Lochside Park, Aberdeenshire Shield, 11/10/22

Me still 251, Wee Man 125

Hermes Junior Football Club

Founded – 1968

Nickname – N/A

HonoursNRJFA Superleague – 2011/12 and 2014/15. North East Division One- 1994/95. Grill League Cup – 2003/04. North Regional Cup – 1997/98 and 2003/04. McLeman Cup – 2008/09. Morrison Trophy – 1993/94 and 1996/97

Random Fact – The club is named after a brand of typewriter. This coming when struggling to find a name and registration of the new club was required for the league, one member of the team was flicking through a magazine, this where an advert for a typewriter was spotted, a Hermes 2000. And the rest is history. Ancient Greek God, nah min.This has to be one of my favourite random facts in around 190 reports to date.

Junior’s Juniors quest continues but in slightly different fashion as it had a new yellow ball in tow after the enforced retirement of yellow ball Mk2 due to deep damage on numerous panels. A new era begins. Wee Man has wanted to visit Lochside Park since the start of the season when I showed him how close it was during a visit to the adjacent Denmore Park, this addition to his list actually predates his quest which was thought up a couple of weeks later.

As it was a midweeker there was not much to do prior so a few at one of Wee Mans favourites, The Mill of Mundurno down the road was the only action prior but it was all that was needed with the lovely fare served up at what is a very underrated eatery. Great range on the menu which caters for everyone. Big fan of the place. With Wee Man asking which other teams are close to it I guess he wants back again. Recommended if you are in the area.

We were a tad early this meaning a decent length of kick about was to take place. What making this better was there was a wee set of goals next to the changing rooms on one of the only flat areas in the whole ground(if you have been to Lochside Park you will know what I mean about lack of flat). Wee Man’s face lit up when he saw them and I melted when we got going as I was majorly over dressed . The weather forecast was telling porkies earlier in the day and a serious drop in temperature was predicted. However it did not come when scheduled.

After another brilliant steak pie (the second in a week) the game kicked off under the Lochside lights. Formartine were the better team in the opening stages. But were up against a man on a mission to keep them out, Hermes keeper Greg Simpson. He was first called into action in the first minute when he pulled off a superb point blank save from a Jonathon Smith header. He told a punter on the sideline he “didnt know much about it” but i think he was doing himself an injustice. Great instincts were shown to get the ball away. Formartine looked hungry and were constantly in Hermes face and looked the more threatening going forward with Dominican international Julien Wade particularly looking dangerous, and putting himself about. Cole Anderson should have put United ahead when he was found in space inside the area but he sliced the ball wide. Good to see his dad, Aberdeen legend Russell Anderson in attendance too. Hermes found their feet a bit more and got into the game after around 25 minutes, this led to Formartines energetic start dying off and the match evening up. Hermes were well in it and but did not create much, but Formartine were not much better but they had the chance to go into the break in the lead but Anderson fluffed his lines late on. After defender Mitchell slipped (moulders instead of studs?), Anderson was clean through and but he inexplicably took an extra touch, then another then squandered the chance letting Simpson to pull off another solid save, but he should never have had the chance to save.

HT 0 v 0

Half time saw us back sweating it out at the Wee goals for more shots at each other. The predicted cold air had still not materialised. The second half started with a flurry of huge throw ins from Formartine defender McLean. These launches were gargantuan and were clearly causing problems and led to Simpson being called into action again. The keeper was having a very good game. Hermes had chances too but the best fell to Luke Barbour. After being played in by Jack Craig he had the chance to put his foot through it first time but he didnt and took a touch, then another touch when he should have shot this meaning by the time he had got his shot away United keeper Ewan MacDonald had closed his angles well an pulled off a decent stop. Simpson at the other end was called into another very good save when he touched a header over the bar. This again from a huge McLean throw. On this tactic it seemed to stop working eventually and became very one dimensional and was never mixed up with a short throw here or there. Just massive balls into the box with no success. Formartine did take the lead after 65 minutes when a cross into the box was not cleared and the loose ball fell to Cole Anderson at the right hand side who half volleyed well into Simpsons bottom left. This also triggered the rapid decline in temperature which finally put a nip in the air sending the touries back on to our coupons to do their job. Hermes kept going and had spells but again nothing clear cut was created. Striker Jack Craig was a constant buzz bomb, skillful in possession and non stop running without. A decent player throughout.(It turned out the people I had been speaking to all night were his folks) Formartine grabbed a second when a ball into the box saw the Hermes back line fall asleep leaving a free header to be bulleted past Simpson. From where we were I could not see the who the goalscorer was due to distance and the host of bodies in the box. What I did know was it was a poor goal to concede and it was now looking more likely the Pitmedden side were heading through. Hermes were then given an immediate lifeline via a stonewall infringement. The ever sharp Jack Craig was wiped out by Kieren Adams who on getting to his feet saw red for the challenge. Youngson stepped up for the kick but MacDonald got down brilliantly to palm it wide. A superb stop. With time against them Hermes could not take advantage of the extra man and Formartine United see themselves in the next round.

I am really enjoying this quest Wee Man has set himself. It takes me back to places like Lochside Park which I had not set foot in as a punter for around twenty years. The joys of having a fitba mad son, I get to get back to these places. I enjoyed my night and I have a sneaky suspicion Hermes are aiming for SFA accreditation going by a couple of things I heard. They have the floodlight, this being the usual showstopper. I hope I am right. The area needs more teams who can actually climb the pyramid.

I will see Hermes again soon at Ian Mair Park next week. A rare me only night which has been turned into a hastily arranged Ellon Thistle old boys night out at Dyce complete with prawn sandwiches and a free bar. My report may not be up to much that game.

In other news I am off the mark in the score predictions

Entrance – Me £10, Wee Man £0

Attendance – 87 (Rough head count)

Pie – £4.50, Pie and Tango x 2

Pint – £4.15 Coors Light, Mill of Mundurno

Score Predictions – Me 0 v 2, Wee Man 1 v 2

Season Score Predictions Total – Me 1 v 1 Wee Man

8 to go for Wee Man
The wee goal
Action shot
Wee Man’s alternative perch
The penalty miss

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