2022/23 – Craigroyston 1 v 0 Heriot-Watt University

St Mark’s Park, EOSFL Second Division, 31/8/22

Me 244

Craigroyston Football Club

Founded – 1976

Nickname – Craigie

HonoursEast of Scotland League First Division – 2005/06 and 2012/13. King Cup – 1996/97. Alex Jack Cup – 1993/94

Random Fact – The club were founded by a group of Eyemouth United players with manager Rab Melrose in 1976. This due to being Edinburgh based yet travelling to the borders for football, leading to the idea of setting up an Edinburgh based side to get football closer to home.

In the past I have managed to get to games due to work related stuff allowing me. Nottingham Forest v PSV and Ajax v NEC immediately spring to mind from past escapades. The football gods had come good and worked their magic again tonight. Maybe not quite to the extent of European Cup winners but I was more than happy to find out that Craigroyston were at home approximately a mile from my hotel and visa centre that I had an appointment at an ungodly hour in the morning.

Without Wee Man and staying in Leith this was to be me and the inside of the bars that Edinburgh could offer me pre game.Something I had not done in a long time. After making my way through a couple of lets say “local establishments” inclusive of the Vine Bar and the Oceana ,I soon realised that there is a lack of bars as you head towards St Marks Park. They just dry up . This led me to extend my steps for the day and then some and ended up on Leith Walk for a few pre game.

I was in Edinburgh and the fitba was the lowest thing on my agenda. Beers and Danish visa were the priorities with St Marks Park being an added bonus. In all truth, it was poor and will be filed under “been there” and not much else. I don’t have much to say on the game. It was not a spectacle of any sort. On the ground though, is in a lovely setting. Surrounded by trees and enclosed, it really is a nice place. However both teams will surely agree this was a turgid affair. Not much action. The game was won by a bizarre effort . It seemed to come out of nowhere. Murray Connoly hit a speculative effort into the top corner, a cracking hit but equally unexpected. Worthy of winning a game for sure. Both teams created s few half chances but nothing concrete. Game wise not great, but as a setting I have a big appreciation . Sitting in the woods in the sun with a coffee . It was just missing the yellow ball.

In the aftermath I headed back to the Oceana for a couple where I was met with some friendly Hibs v Aberdeen chat which was good banter. (Derek McInnes for Hibs, good luck if you want that). Interestingly the guys I chatted with all think that Ryan Porteous is a liability and a “peacock”. As a non Hibs fan I have said this since day one.

Then the reason I was in Edinburgh, Danish visa . It all went tits up and I ended up back in the Vine Bar for the 4th time in about 18 hours. See you again soon when the paperwork shit gets sorted out.

Games without Wee Man suck. (Getting fat again)
There is not enough blackboards in fitba
My local for the 24 hours.
Dogs in pubs are much appreciated
Many consumed,many more to come

Entrance – £6

Attendance – 37

Pie – £2 Irn Bru and Coffee

Pint – Too many to keep count. Inclusive of thinking I lost my paperwork for my visa appointment (which was in the hotel)

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