2021/22 – Dundee St James 1 v 3 Forfar West End

Fairview Park, East Region SJFA Midland League, 26/3/22

Entrance – £6 Me, £0 Wee Man

Attendance – 80 + 5 dogs

Pie – £3.50 Pie, Coffee, Crisps

Pint – N/A

Dundee St James Football Club

Founded – 2021 (as Dundee St James)

Nickname – None

Honours – None

Random Fact – The club are a re-branding of Fintry Amateur Football Club. This coming about when the club were accepted into the Midland League in 2021 leading to the name change.

Not the plans expected for the day but with not one but two family do’s kyboshed for varying reasons why not head to Dundee with Wee Man. With the weather being scorchio all week I was hoping for more of the same so we could take in a bit of the city. Luckily there was plenty sun left in the sky. The first port of call was the HMS Unicorn in the Victoria Dock. First thing I will say is I was impressed with the area, there were folk puddling about in the water doing water sports which looked like a good laugh and I never realised how much eateries and other businesses are there. It is nice bit of the city for sure. As for the Unicorn I found it to be great despite being vertically challenged in terms of deck heights. I am glad I was not a crew member on the old lady. I swear Wee Man’s head was touching the roof on the lower decks and he is a seven year old. I am a six foot two big loon and had to double over at times. Although I thought the Captains Cabin was ace, the highlight was meeting Diego the local cat from across the road who frequents the place daily. What a great wee dude he was. A friendly thing. From here we went for a picnic which Wee Man decided we should have at the fitba. Fitba has taken me to some unexpected places in my time but a picnic in the area of Dundee we were(is it Fintry?) is somewhere I would never have expected to ever be with the sandwiches out. We parked up at Fairview Park and ate on the grassy knowl in the car park where there was a barbeque fired up by locals drinking Hooch and other usual suspects in terms of kiddie booze in the spring sun pre game. Quality stuff

Once in Fairview Park Wee Man was determined to set up some goals. This due to our kick about last weekend at New Elgin where he realised that goals are easy to set up. He had even taken his gloves with him and turned up in Dons keeper clobber for this. He was loving it and that’s what it is about. Even though there were some funny yet friendly looks and comments on his choice of shirt, including the St James keeper Hutchison who had a laugh with him. (Look out Benjamin Siegriest, there is a wee keeper looking for a gig).

Pre game I was wondering if I could continue to be West End’s lucky charm. Prior today I had seen them on four occasions, P4, W3, D1, L0, F13, A8. As it turned out I am. This was pretty much an easy day at the office for the West Enders. The game started with a good bit of action. An early booking for a naughty challenge by Cushnie was deserved, but as I saw it happen, I thought “yaaaas min”, the old way of thinking “let them know you are there” was present and I miss that in fitba. In the Juniors it is still common practice. I wont complain about that but I am sure many will disagree. West End had the first chance of the game not long after when a decent save was pulled out of the St James keeper from close range. The ball was hugely in the visitors possession then from out of nowhere a brilliant speculative effort which was dipping just cleared the bar from the St James man Cushnie. But that was as much the home side had offensively .West End continued to push and went up 1-0 when a great save from the home keeper landed at he feet of Samson who tapped home after some slow reactive defending. Maybe more of a ricochet than a finish though. The lead could have been doubled if more before it was but for the St James keeper Hutchison who pulled off three very decent point blank saves.However he couldnt keep out a rebound from Benvie who made it 0-2 after his side gave away a needless free kick which led to the Forfar man tapping in.

HT – 0 v 2

Half time was magic, in terms of Wee Man, Why? A game of doggy in the middle was played by the locals. He loved watching it. Unfortunatley the second half was devoid of much action, barring West End smashing their way into 3-0 lead early doors through Benvie again making it game over. The game seriously peterered out from here and West End were to win comfortably but the Saints were not finished and all of a sudden they pulled off the move of the game to end the match on a high. Prior to this they pulled off the best save of the season we have witnessed.From point blank range five yards out an effort was struck but the West End keeper made him self huge a la Peter Schmeichel but in mid air managing to block with his foot. I cant describe it and do the stop justice to be honest. Then soon after the move if the match, from one end of the park to the other they moved the ball brilliantly culminating with a superb bullet of a finish from Higgins ruining the visitors clean sheet. Cracking finish and a good way to end the game. It may have meant nothing to St James but it was a bloody good goal. Not the greatest match but that’s me now completed the Dundee trail from Juniors up. This now leaving Nairn St Ninian and Brechin Victoria as the nearest unvisited clubs to my Garioch abode.

Five times I have seen West End and I am clearly continuing to be a lucky charm for them.

A great day with the Wee Man but a simple win for the men from Forfar

Me 227, Wee Man 102

A bonus game for us for reasons out with our control
Kick off under the Fintry(?) sun
West End attempting an attack
Wee Man takes in the game of doggy in the middle at half time
HMS Unicorn

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  1. Drop me a private email buddy – will sort a pair gloves for the weeman #keepersunion

    St James number 1 ⚽️⚽️


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