2019/20-Cumbernauld Colts 0 v 1 Spartans

Broadwood, Lowland League, 7/2/20

Cumbernauld Colts Football Club

Founded – 1969

Nicknames – Colts

Honours – Lowland League Cup 2017/18

Current Division – Lowland Football League

Random Fact – Jackie McNamara spent his youth career at the club. This meaning the club are partly to blame for one of the worst performances i have EVER seen in an Aberdeen shirt. (QOTS Scottish Cup Semi Final 2007/08)

The week dedicated to Wee Mans fifty continued and took us on the road to the new town of Cumbernauld to Broadwood. A revisit for me and number forty nine for Junior. The Colts were hosting Spartans in the LFL meaning that Spartans are now in the lead in the “teams we have seen the most this season stakes”. This being the third time we have seen the Edinburgh club. Unfortunatley for them we have seen them well beaten in the previous two matches, 5-0 by Kelty Hearts at New Central Park and 1-3 by East Stirling at Ainslie Park. Were we Jonahs?

It was a different Spartans today. A team who played some bonnie intricate quick passing fitba. But Cumbernauld also got the ball down too. A good watch. As much as I dislike plastic pitches I do think one plus is they entice good fitba.

The game started with a bang and the home side had the ball in the net withing thirty seconds. But it was chopped off for offside. A decision I couldnt quite fathom. The goal scorer cut in from the right and curled the ball across goal into the bottom corner. Nobody touched it, nobody impeded the keepers vision. I still cant see who was offside. But it happened. Keeping on the subject of bangs just after the disallowed goal Cumbernaulds number eight took a full force clearance to the face from around three yards away. This amusing Wee Man no end. It is clear its never happened to him yet. Once it does he will maybe be more sympathetic. But he was in hysterics. The Colts man needing treatment for a bust nose was the aftermath. A sore one and a rubbish start to the match for him. Going back to the decent football I was talking about it was clear both teams had been instructed to keep it down and it was good to watch. In the rare occurences when either team did go long the moves immediatley broke down. The first good chance came the way of the visitors when number seven Smith hit a decent effort towards the bottom left that was saved fantastically being turned past the post by Grier. Not long after in the thirty-ninth minute the best move of the match lead to the opening goal. A move which started in the their own half which was slicker than the gulf of Mexico in 2010. A fantastic rapid fire passing build up which tied Cumbernauld up into knots leaving Smith with a tap in from six yards. Easily made up of fifteen passes. An excellent goal from a move more than worthy of a goal. Just prior to the half I found myself speaking to someone linked with Spartans (player? Not sure as he wasnt in the programme)and I was bit disappointed with his attitude. He mistook me and asked if I watched Cumbernauld all the time. I told him I was a ground botherer and it was actually the third time we had seen his team this season. I also said we were a bad omen thus far. The Kelty game was brought up and he said “we should be getting beat by Kelty” . A really poor statement that which reeked of a inferiority complex. With Spartans playing Kelty next week he should be saying,” we are bloody due them one”. Im not a fan of loser talk (possibly why I dont have a season ticket at Pittodrie now).

Second half was similar but with more of the ball in the Cumbernauld half. Spartans definatley on top in terms of possesion but both teams still trying to knock the ball on the deck as much as possible. There wasnt a huge amount of action. Spartans hit the bar after another very good move. There was also a controversial moment when the Colts number ten was adjudged to have tussled a bit to vigorously with the big Spartans number four Bolochoweckyi. As the players hit the deck the big Spartans centre half kneed the Colts man in the back of the head. A pretty naughty move and I would guess if the ref saw it he was away. Wee Man saw it, I saw it, most of the 80 or so in attendance probablly saw it. But it went unpunished. Spartans had a chance to kill the game with around ten minutes to go but a poor effort ballooned over the bar from twelve yard. The away team didnt have to worry as they saw the game out and took the three points back to the capital. Good viewing with some nice football on show. A tight encounter which could have went either way. And believe it or not it was not cold at Broadwood. Bizarre

Me still 178,Wee Man 49

A revisit for me but its about him
Positioned behind the Spartans dug out
Must be alot of wayward shots at Broadwood
Are birds really that stupid?

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