2019/20-Banks o Dee 2 v 0 East End

North Region Superleague, Spain Park, 18/12/19

Banks o’ Dee Junior Football Club

Founded – 1902

Nicknames – The Rechabites, The Dee

Honours – Scottish Junior Cup-1957, North Region Superleague – 2007/08, 2008/09, 2015/16, 2015/16, 2017/18 and 2018/19

Current Division – North Region Superleague

Random Fact – The club failed to gain entry into the Highland League eleven years ago at the expense of second tier clubs Formartine United and Strathspey Thistle(Turriff United were also accepted but they had everything in place and were top flight too). The reason for not getting in……..parking. Have you seen the A920 next to Formartines North Lodge on a match day even to this day. An A road is not a car park but they got in and the Dee didn’t with a car park and ample near by areas to park. Funny that. Was it Rollstud money and/or shenanigans from Cove R*****s who were worried about the catchment area being diluted. Something was truly up that day.

Not a new one for me. Due to my years of following my pals playing for Formartine I had been to Spain Park numerous times in the past. I have also found myself visiting more often recently too due having a good lady on the other bank of the Dee. As this was the first time this season I noticed the new additions. Additions which seems to suggests they are getting ready for something…………..? A nice new committee room, toilet block which accommodates disabled people and a disabled shelter. This suggests that rumours I heard in the summer may be true and the above random fact subject may be resurrected. Possibly someone else may get their hands on the Superleague for the first time in a while in the near future. If I am correct then good luck to them. I’m all for it. They have proved in the past they could make a decent fist of it with quality results in the proper Scottish Cup. My only issue is, that pitch being in the HFL. Its terrible. It has to be an advantage to them every home game.

I fully expected to see my 100th goal of the season today. Going by league positions and the Dees unbeaten domestic start I thought this would be a walkover. Turns out I was well off the mark. The game was a lot closer than I expected. The Dee dominated possession wise in the first half but didn’t create any real concrete chances. It was pretty grim viewing and I soon realised that I would have to wait for the one hundredth goal. But if I am honest I can blame the East End defence as they did their job well. I thought the number four Glen Donald was one of the best players on the park

Second half was a lot better with the Rechabites creating a lot more. A couple of sitters missed early on and the post being rattled. The goal was coming that was clear to see. It came in the 53rd minute when a decent ball into the box from Armstrong was met by substitute Binnie who found himself in acres of space. Dee continued to push but it was East End who had the best opportunity to score next when they were awarded a penalty. But McKenzie made Andy Shearers job far too easy and struck a feeble effort which the big keeper saved with little hassle. Ten minutes later the Dee killed the game when after about the millionth corner in a row (five I think) was powerfully headed in from six yards out. (missed the scorer due to the amount of bodies in the box)A great ball and a decent header to match. This continuing Banks o’ Dees unbeaten league record for the season although clearly not firing on all cylinders

Not the best of games but it was Wee Mans first Spain Park visit and he seemed happy with his night as he spoke about it all the way back to the Garioch. Also to be mentioned, I left my jacket at home which I thought I would come to regret due to the big freeze in the area over the last few days. I was shocked to find how warm it was(maybe a slight exaggeration but it is the 18th of December) . This morning it was -2 in Meldrum and as we parked up at Spain Park it was 8 and 9 when we got home. Quite the swing

One game left of the decade. Roll on Cumnock

Me still 173, Wee Man 43

Bollocks to the El Classico, there was an Aberdeen derby to watch
Look at the state of that
Look at the state of that part 2
New committee room
New bogs

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