2019/20-Linlithgow Rose CFC 0 v 2 Pollok

Scottish Junior Cup Third Round, Prestonfield, 26/10/19

Linlithgow Rose Community Football Club

Founded – 2019

Nickname – The Rosey

Honours – None

Current Division – East Region Premier League South

Random Fact – The are not affiliated with senior Linlithgow Rose and do not usually play at Prestonfield (Hence why the badge is of the seniors as the badge represents the ground not the club)

This was a plan B as Kilwinning R*****s v Cumnock was the initial plan. Due to severe road works at Whitburn(I was travelling from Edinburgh) I decided to go local. All this is mentioned in this Spartans post. Wee Man picked LRCFC in the end and we headed to the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots instead.

Going to Prestonfield is part of my plans for this season. I was hoping for a seniors game but this was a good excuse to get my photo. Which is essential for my “Scottish Junior Cup winners in my life” challenge. I have already been to Prestonfield to watch and to play in the past. This was a box ticking exercise. So not a day wasted. Wee Man got his fortieth ground under his belt and highly enjoyed his day. That in itself makes me a happy man

We spent the morning at Linlithgow Palace which I found to be great and then headed to the reasonably new Linlithgow Museum. A good few hours taking in the history of the place. One thing I found truly bizarre was in the museum. Its split into sections, Mary Queen of Scots, Industry, Life and Famous people(Captain Scott from Star Trek who was born in 2222).In the life part there was a display for sport. Curling was mentioned alot as it goes a long way back, there were other sports mentioned inclusive of a trophy for an old competition that used to be in the town, “Best Kept Garden”. But there is absolutley no mention of Linlithgow Rose FC. The same Linlithgow Rose that have won the Scottish Junior Cup four times, had open top bus celebrations where the High Street has been absolutley rammed. I find the lack of mention quite disrespectful frankly. I did however learn that if you are born in Linlithgow you are known as a “Black Bitch” due to the coat of arms depicting a black dog chained to a tree. We also learned that Linlithgow is a nice wee town

The fitba ended up the worst part of the day. Poor viewing. But due to it being shifted to Prestonfield to accomodate the large Lok support that follows them everywhere, it was a worth the visit for the challenge purposes alone.

Pollok were dominant in possession but criminally wasteful. The created enough chances to win a few games. To sum it up. I cant tell you if the Linlithgow keeper was any good as he was never tested. On another day this could have been eight or nine. Today however it was two and it took untill the eighty second minute for the deadlock to be broken. A good goal it was too with Coutts on hand at the end of a fantastic cross in from the left hand wing. The Lok killed the game with a penalty after a clearly tired Rosey player wiped out the Glaswegian forward. Russell made no mistake and that was that. Not much else to say. Not the best viewing. But I still expect to see the Lok in the hat come crunch time. Semis and possibly the final. Hope so anyway due to Wee Man proclaiming he now supports them. Fair enough as they are the acceptable face of Glasgow fitba. No doubt we will head to see them again before the season is out. Just hope its a bit better than this. A wins a win though

If only Wee Man picked Broxburn Athletic 3-0 Cowdenbeath or Penicuik 3-0 Stenhousemuir. Oh well

Me still 165 and Wee Man 40

Wee Man innocently picks a rotter
Been twice before but never got one of these
Pollok fans in great numbers as usual
Dog in a Pollok shirt two weeks in a row
Wee Man thinks, bloody hell this is pish
I should have had a pint in here

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