2019/20-Dunipace 0 v 1 Edinburgh United

Westfield Park, Friendly, 22/6/19

Dunipace FC

Founded; 1888

Nickname; The Pace

Honours; Scottish Junior Cup 1905/06

Current Division; East of Scotland League First Division Conference A

Random Fact; Westfield Park is not found in Dunipace but in neighbouring Denny

Due to the proximity to Bannockburn the pre-game plan was to head there and see the exhibition and battle site. Unfortunately, after looking the website I noticed the suitability for an almost five-year-old was no use. After quick change of plan, me and the wee man headed to the Wallace Monument outside Stirling instead. Not too shabby a plan B. After climbing and descending the two hundred and eighty-four steps to the top, admiring the views with Stirling Albion’s Forthbank looking miniscule in the distance, we headed to the game via a quick car park picnic. Pre-season started especially early this summer, this due to Dunipace having a hectic mammoth pre-season schedule ahead of them. Destination, Dunipace, well Denny in fact as Dunipace are like fellow Black and white vertically clad mob Grimsby Town and don’t play in their own town. To my knowledge I have never set foot in Denny before and to be honest I dont think I ever will again. Nothing against the town but there just seems to be very little of note there. I’ve seen the fitba team, I don’t need to go back for any reason. As we walked into Westfield Park, we were greeted with just a bucket at the gate. A pay what you like entrance fee, paying for seventh tier fitba friendlies. I’m pretty sceptical about that if I am honest but teams have to make ends meet I suppose. I just chucked the contents of my back pocket in, it couldn’t have been more than four quid. Westfield is pretty much a 3G pitch with a fence around it. Three sides are grassy untouched areas with the changing room side tarred with a pavilion which acts as the tea room and the board room upstairs. Not much to see but it falls within my rules of collecting grounds. That rule being, if you can’t let your dog have a shite on the centre spot as its fenced in and specifically built as a teams home midden. In simpler terms. Juniors and up pretty much. The game itself was bizarre as it was so one sided in Dunipaces favour, yet Edinburgh were triumphant. The sitters missed by the home team were criminal. They spurned at least ten very good chances, there were numerous great balls into the box with the strikers so off the pace they caused no danger. But this was the first weekend of pre season in Scottish fitba so I cant really be too critical. The only shot that was remotely close drew out a superb save from keeper. A keeper who when I saw warming up, I thought I was looking at Huxley Pig. This was due to his short barrel like appearance. This save was class, top corner bound shot finger tipped onto the post. How he managed to get across his line so quick baffled me. But fair play it was a stunning save. I even congratulated him on it when walking past at HT. The highlight of the match came via Edinburghs goal late in the first half. A fine through ball found its way through the ‘pace defence to the feet of the striker who was bearing down on the keeper from the left wing. Instead of rounding him or even drawing the keeper out he deftly chipped the ball over the home sides custodian across the goal and into the top corner. A bloody superb finish from what turned out to be United’s only attempt on target. The Pace went on to blow more and more chances and the game fizzled out. Not much of a spectacle from two teams who were clearly rusty but 2019/20 was off the mark and another Scottish town had been conquered. Although not the actual town of the home team. Our year without the Dons has commenced, season 2019/20 is go

Me 151, Wee Man 24

The wee boardroom/tearoom

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